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I would also like to add. I've seen first hand in the classroom that DARE is effective. There is no way to track what a kid would or not do had they not been in DARE class. I've listened to the feedback of students and over the years heard of many family situtations where not only the student chose not to use drugs, But I've had parents and friends of those students quit doing drugs. The main reason they give is because their student came home and shared information about what drugs like tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and others do to the body. I've seen first hand that the D.A.R.E. program works and is excellent. I've had teachers comment on how students that had problems with telling lies or stealing decided to stop after taking DARE. Those types of things can not be tracked or followed in a stat. The shame is I see the DARE program being pushed out of some schools because the school is focused on testing, EOG's and others. Some Administrators do not like DARE because they cant show stats they say the teachers just want a break in the day. Such an excuse! I get feedback from 90% of the schools that it is very effective and makes a huge difference in the students decision making and choices. If you really want to see you have to spend time in the classroom with the actual students that take DARE. They are far more valuable than some ellusive stat the government wants to see. When you have students come up to you with tears in their eyes and thank you for helping them deal with pressures to use drugs, pressures from family members, concern for loved ones to stop doing drugs and that student tells you they decided not to become involved with drugs. That is the only proof I need to know without a doubt D.A.R.E. works.


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