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Hey David Hollis do you really know why the DARE program was canceled? Well let's see. Jain needed a 15% raise, Jain needed to take his kid to the Super Bowl, Jain needed another patrol car that was free and didn't cost his budget anything, Jain needed to cut his budget to keep his job, Jain needed to pay the guys that did work on Jon David's house and possibly yours. So you are following in Farris' footsteps huh? Deny, deny, deny blame someone else!
We are hoping that the citizens of Leland or LA for most won't have the wool pulled over their eyes. We know that sherry didn't make $70,000.00 a year. Nor did it take that much money to run the program. Of course the rules say they can keep the money but the public raised these funds for DARE and expected it to be spent that way. But of course you all are not stand up type of guys. You take and take and take but never, never give anything to the community.
Community Policing is a joke in Leland too. Jain is the poster child for that program which he doesn't know one thing about. Ask Him!


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