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One candidate

If the Republican Party would wake up they would see there only hope of getting a nominee into the oval office this year is to nominate Ron Paul... I will tell you why...

Mitt Romney will get blasted and out debated all night long against President Obama. Mitt has hid his money is tax shelters for years, and used super rich loopholes to his advantage... loopholes politicians put in place to protect there wealth, and have the middel class pick up the tab. Romney is not leading by example, and furthermore is as crooked as Newt as when Romney was Gov. of Mass. he targeted corporations that hid money in tax shelters to deal with foreign investors without having to pay a tax to the US.

Newt Gingrich doesn't stand a chance mainly on personal character flaws. He lead the congress in 1995 to impeach then President Clinton for infidelity while he was engaged in a affair. He cut and run when his second wife developed cancer... President Obama will paint him as a man who runs away when situations get tough... needless to say his remarks about kids cleaning toilets...

Ron Paul at this moment is neck and neck in the national polls with Romney and President Obama. he has a thirty year track record of not lying about where he stands on whatever issue. He believes in the constitution and the principles in which this country was founded...

If the Republican Party Nominates anyone but Ron Paul they will be competing against his grassroots movement in November.... He will take votes from both Republicans and Democrats. He will most certainly win the independent vote. If the Republican Party was smart they would capitalize on the fact the have someone running in their primaries who can garner votes from all parties, and in November win the election. If Newt or Romney get the nomination the Republican Party will see results similar to what Bush did to Kerry in 04'.


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