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r3VOLution 2012 - We won't get fooled again!

1...the concepts of WAR is secondary but absolutely critical. First-things-first:

2... the concept of "Indefinite Detention", & the need to DEFEND the Constitution of the United States of America against DOMESTIC enemies [fill in the blank with ANY other candidate, incorporated] is what is top-most in danger! Those who support Paul know this.

3...the concept of "Following the Money", this election boils down to a simple choice for any honest analytical observer: Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs! Those who support Paul know this. Public Data:-->

4. What Dr Paul has said is that he would PREFER to have taken Bin Laden ALIVE. It's a RATIONAL STRATEGIC preference that conveniently happens to coincide with the GOLDEN RULE, something you might need to know Christ in order to wrap your heart and brain around. Dr Paul voted for the authority to find, capture, and kill Bin Laden but unapologetically promotes and maintains the principle of demonstrating WISDOM when wielding power under the RULE of LAW and the COURAGE to admit it to the nation in the toughest moment; the sale of his candidacy. That's the BEST quality that makes him a BETTER Commander-in-Chief; his restaint in waging war and his honesty. This isn't a football game, this is WAR and I admire his clarity to not give-in to the beating war-drums and execute our might wisely. Those who support Paul know this.

Back to #1 now: The Endless War A.K.A. "Fear Game"
The FEAR is that IRAN is going to nuke us? They have everything to lose by even hinting that they can possibly do that. Are you really going to subscribe to that claim without any facts to back it up? The fear a decade ago was that IRAQ had WMDs which we now know wasn't true.

It's unconstitutional to go to war without congressional approval has been played out for over a decade... to where all you have to do is ASK the TROOPS you so eager to place in harm's way? They overwhelmingly agree with Dr Paul, whom despite your own admission that he understands economics, sound money, medicine, and how the deceptions actually work, you call "insane".

Those who support Paul know this. We stand with the soldiers who support him. If you insist that Paul is the insane one in this argument and all the active military that support him overwhelmingly, all I can say is that I am respectfully sorry we disagree, but I am siding with THEM, ... and HIM!

5... the simple concept of basic math: Dr Paul's support is ROCK SOLID, as in it's NOT GOING ANYWHERE ELSE. The RNC knows it, the DNC knows it, and we know it too. If you really don't want NObama then you better put your plastic sword back in it's sheath and warm up to Ron Paul, PERIOD (sorry, but you have GOLDMAN-SACHS to blame for that one)!

r3VOLution 2012 - We won't get fooled again!!!


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