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If you truly want a sound economy, and liberties restored to this nation you have no other choice than Ron Paul. Too much money is spent on foreign policy and military activities. How can you expect to restore our economy if nothing changes... You have to do the right thing for everyone... I'm a veteran, I've served over seas... I agree with Congressman Paul that these people can determine how they want to live. If we stop telling people in other countries how to live, and what to do they will leave us alone. Everytime we go to war with a country overseas we kill innocent people, people who have children who will grow hating what we took from them much like you and I would. As long as this vicious cycle exists we will have wars. We will have these wars because ten/ twenty years ago we killed someone's mother, and they hate us for it so much they will kill a few of us in return.

Ron Paul simply wants a world were we can live without putting our nose in other peoples business. Let them fend for themselves, and we will take care of our own.


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