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It takes two to tango and

It takes two to tango and two to make a baby. While these women are obviously very ignorant about human reproduction and sexuality, obviously the fathers are just as ignorant.

It's sadder still that in 2012 we are still holding the woman responsible for using birth control. Condoms are actually much cheaper than birth control pills. You need a prescription for birth control pills; but you can buy condoms over the counter.

This story speaks to the sad state of sexual education in this country. Obviously, parents aren't doing their job educating their children - perhaps because they too are not knowledgeable.

And schools - which are the proper forum for educating about a biological process such as reproduction - can't do it because of the prudes who can't imagine their little precious princes and princesses doing what teens have been doing for thousands of years.

This is what happens when parents and schools fail to teach about the most basic of all biological processes - as basic as breathing.


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