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I congratulate Woodbury on

I congratulate Woodbury on taking a day off to celebrate a historic figure. Other businesses close for Martin Luther King, Jr. What makes him more important than Lee? They were both important men in history. Why does King have a holiday and Lee doesn't? Why don't other historic figures have their own holiday?

Woodbury is a privately owned business and if they choose to honor this date, then they should be able to. If they want to close the last Friday of every month, then they should be able to. If they want to close every rainy day, then they should be able to. They don't need anyone from outside telling them how to run their business or casting criticism or racist remarks.

It's nobody's business why they were closed for Lee's birthday. They don't have to answer to anyone. Did WWAY call businesses that were closed on MLK day to inquire as to why they chose to close their business? Then why is this any different? By the way, this isn't the first year they have closed on this day. They closed last year too...and life kept on going.


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