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I agree WWAY is making more

I agree WWAY is making more out of it - HELLO - thats what news people do - all these people are slamming WWAY, but yet, you watch the station, you get on THEIR website and post comments - if they are so bad, quit watching and posting - :)

There are good people out there and great stories out there, but that story does not hit the headlines - tragedy, horrible does. That just goes to show this sick world that we are living in.

All you see if rape, murder, shooting, fighting, etc... that sells -

Someone that held the door open or just plain good ole people, that does not sell. - thats not news - and the news is going to go after what sells and they are going to stir up crap like this headline here to sell - and we fall for it because we get on their website and post about it.
Wouldnt it be great if we would do this post like every other post and stay positive... encourage each other -
wouldnt it be nice to have a headline of noticing "good" people.. but majority of the head line is bashing someone or tearing down a company...
WWAY go out and find these GOOD people w/ GOOD REAL stories - pass on what life should be about, helping, serving, respect, caring for each other.


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