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Many are welcome here

I arrived here for the first time in 1973. It was an unspoiled paradise. The only negatives were lousy pizza and no bagels. That was more than compensated for with barbecue and collards.

One of the reasons that I have stayed here, been accepted by locals, and been successful is that I A) respect the culture and B) don't try to change it.

Now the worst that I can say about your post is that it reflects an insensitivity toward the commonly held beliefs surrounding Robert E. Lee. Comparing Grant to Lee is like comparing a jute floormat to a fine oriental carpet. Lee was a reasonably competent general (he was NOT a brilliant tactician, though he was smert enough to have a lot of them working for him) but his greatest claim to fame is that he was one of the most principled and ethical leaders in American history. He IS the Lee in Washington-Lee University. Grant, meanwhile, went on to preside over the second most corrupt administration in US history.

Again, not talking about you or all immigrants, far too many come here and immediately set about trying to transform Wilmington into Brooklyn or East Meadow. It baffles me - they moved here because the taxes were so low and life was so simple and laid back, then immediately vote yes on any looney-toon bond referendum for any cause whatsoever. They love the natural beauty but then rejoice when someplace like Mayfaire gets built and you don't get to see horse galloping across open meadows on your way to work, as you used to.

Now the conservative Leo Gorcey-like voices coming out of Brunswick County give me some hope, but for every one of them you have one moving into the Historic District, tuning into NPR and MSNBC just like they've always done, and completely understanding why we need to raise taxes to help_________ (insert any whacko liberal cause).

So if you always keep in mind that this is THEIR territory (we left ours, and we left it for a reason) and "when in Rome do as the Romans do," you'll find no better, warmer, and greater people in the world.

Truth be told, having seen what the great Northern influx has done to this state in the past forty years, especially around Raleigh and Charlotte, I probably resent it more than most natives. Paradise has been destroyed. I saw it happen to Maryland in the Seventies, Virginia in the Eighties, and now it's our turn. It's like a malignant growth coming out of New Yawk (Da Island!)/New Joisey and growing Southward.

Nothing personal against you or anyone, but collectively, had I known that five-million of you people were going to follow me down here, I'd have kept heading South and would likely be in Tierra del Fuego by now....but I'm sure their pizza stinks and they don't even have collards.


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