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Let Me Help You Understand

Well, I’ll try to explain it to you.

One guy gets his feathers ruffled because Southerners want to celebrate Gen. Lee’s birthday, so he suggests Southerners also celebrate Gen. Grant’s birthday (that ain’t gonna happen, just like Northerners would NEVER celebrate Gen. Lee’s birthday). I was OK with that though, and just attributed his comment to a low IQ.

However, he also stated, “without him (Gen. Grant) then Lee would not have been able to admit the south's defeat in the civil war and sign the treaty”. Don’t you think that’s a little rude and offensive and trying to rub Southerners faces in it AGAIN that we lost the war? Don’t you think we’re very well aware of that and sick of hearing it? Every Northerner I’ve ever met continues to remind me.

Then another *sshole butts in and says, “Settle down Bubba”, as if all Southerners are fat redneck trailer trash. Yeah, that tends to rile me just a bit. Southerners will show all the hospitality you can imagine, but we would be absolute fools to be doormats. When you take away a Southerners pride, hospitality flies out the window.

Then you come along telling me you have an issue with how I’m reacting to all of this, while not mentioning your fellow Northerners posts at all. You proceed to call me unhospitable, narrow minded, and narcissistic, while attempting to tell me how wrong I am to respond to rude insults. Then you apologize for offending me, and expect me to understand your rant was just to share your opinion.

If Southerners want to celebrate Gen. Lee’s birthday, what’s the harm? I sure wouldn’t care if you celebrated Gen. Grant’s birthday. What you call “snapped” is what I call standing up to someone who’s trying to trash me. Any time you want to meet in person, let me know and we’ll arrange a place so that neither of us will be “hiding behind the screen of the internet”. I’ll even bring Bubba with me, just so you can better understand what trailer life is all about. It will be a real education for you.


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