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So he gets to keep his job, while other good honest people who did nothing wrong lose theirs. Seems like he should have been gone and I bet the personnel policy wasn't even followed at all, as it hasn't been with all the illegal, wrongful terminations or promotions for that matter. Of course, what do you expect when there is no accountability, performance evaluations or leadership? What works in Leland is how much butt you kiss but, how much you will lie and how much you are willing to stand by, keep your mouth shut and watch people being taken advantage of.

Those on council-especially Bozeman and Battleman have known all along what was being done and the illegal practices of not only the police chief but of the town administration. What we have here is the same BS. They kept it quiet because they wanted the power and they assumed it would go away because it always does. They simply offer hush money and because people are out there with no money and they have families to take care of they see no other way but to take it and hope for the best when they look for employment.

They failed to count on the fact that there were some people with the fortitude to stand up and say no this is wrong and we are not going to take it. So, why release it now………… because they knew they were wrong and they wanted to get by as cheap as possible in any settlements. Now that they accomplished that with 2 officers they figured the citizens were dumb enough to accept this as the town handling the situation……………in other words………………a governmental whitewash.

There are still more fights to come. You can’t run and you can’t hide. Might and right will prevail and the decisions that each of you have participated in will eventually be known.


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