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Better on the ground then at

Better on the ground then at 30,000 feet!
I have worked in the Aviation business for more then 25 years. Believe me...quality checks/rechecks/and more rechecks prior to take off are becoming a gradual procedure fading into the grey. The pilots are at the mercy of the on board computerized devices to assure all is well...after they themselves inspect the outside of the plane for visual defects (kick the tires so to speak) along with the approval of the mechanics at hand.
Recent developments of an airliner where the fuselage tiles flew off in blowing out at landing...are unexcused!!
Yes...anything can and will happen...but a lot of these aircraft in the current "Active Fleet Status" are closely approaching retirement age due from stress on their aerodynamic design (wear and tear), but being as well built as they are and were...they will warn you ahead of time...if possible. Such was this case at CLT. Pilots aren't the only ones over worked in the airline industry.
One word of advice to the bean counters within the airline industry's higher-ups..."You will get your money from airfares/airline mergers/employee pay cuts...but don't push safety onto the back burner just to speed up time schedules and financial assurance".
It just isn't worth the risk to living human beings.


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