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Money's influence in the Democratic Process

You have pointed out,correctly, that the voters are the ones who are responsible. I understand you believe large amounts of monies spent before elections either by PACs,Corporations or Unions have no effect on how voters view or choose their representatives.You take pride and well you should that you independently scour a candidates voting record and research his Political beliefs.
I have no reason to doubt that what you say is true, but I must sadly share with you the fact that you are are standing quite alone. Many of our electorate although intensely interested in the political process do not have the time or inclination to do that type of research. Instead they gather ideas and opinions from Newspapers,TV, Radio there Political Parties.It's rare that voters or for that matter members of congress compile facts independently so as to form reasoned choices.
Be aware it is at this point that money from PACS, Corporations, Unions etc begins to corrupt the process and it continues till the the Representatives no longer answer to those who elected them but to those who made it possible for them to be elected and who will secure their further elections through monetary support.
One example of this happened during the last election. I truly believe that the Tea Party people were honest in their dissatisfaction with the state of our government,the debt,education and how Middle America and society was losing ground. The Tea Party was as angry as the Occupy Movement is now.
They worked hard to elect candidates that said they understood the anger and know how to fix the problems,they defined the solutions and went off to fix Washington.
Once in Washington the problem fixing promised the voters turned into
not being allowed to use their own judgement and having to take a pledge to a person who was not even in our government, that pledge super seeding their oath of office and promise to those who elected them.
If we elected a Roman Catholic to any government office and he refused to use his or hers independent judgement and work for the best interest of his voters before he asked the Pope what to do, we would not stand for it.We would recall! Yet Grover Norquist has dictated policy to a group of congress people by refusing to finance their future champagnes. This is how Money Corrupts the Process.
We have accepted this for so long that we are no longer outraged or aware of how wrong it is.
I mentioned how so much of what we think or decide is formed from what we hear on TV or Radio. We live in a time when our newspapers, Radio Stations and TV coverage is controlled by multimillionaires,multinational corporations and special interests. Can you imagine Walter Cronkite saying anything like what you hear from talk radio or MSNBC or Fox News?
We've been pitted against each other and they have distracted us from joining together to solve our problems. There is no doubt in my mind that Tea Party People, Democrats, Republicans, Progressives,People of Faith and Atheists basically want the same thing a decent standard of living,education for their children and the hope that they can work for some security in their later years.
You made the comparison of corporate money and Union money used to buy influence, I can not equate the two. The corporation exists for the sole purpose of making money for it's executives,boards and share holders. Unions exist to protect workers ( human beings) they are not the same.
You probably won't even bother to read this reply, I hope you do.
I didn't intend to go on as much as I have but I thought there might be an opportunity to have some exchange of ideas that would result in understanding.


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