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So who writes the legislation?

Do you sincerely believe that legislation governing off-shore drilling can make any sense at all without major input from the oil industry? That legislation regarding gun control can be technically accurate and make sense without input from the firearms industry?

Do you remember the so-called assault weapons ban that was passed during the Clinton Administration? One of the deciding factors included in the law was that the weapon had a pistol grip. That right there insured that the AR-15 was made illegal, while the Mini-14 that had a conventional rifle stock was still legal. They were functionally identical, fired a .223 round from thirty round magazines, but the pistol grip on the AR-15 somehow made it worse.

That's an example of legislation being written by idiots that don't know what they're doing. Dodd-Fwank Financial Reform is another and the reason that you are paying bank fees for formerly free services.

Ban industry input on legislation and the 536 "duty experts on nothing" will be more worthless than they already are.


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