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You cannot separate money from politics

You think this is something new? That this is all the result of Citizens United? Remember - the Supreme Court simply RESTORED the right of large groups to contribute after McCain - Feingold didn't let anything like the lil' ol' Constitution get in the way. Money has been influencing elections and campaign advertising since 1787. It's is fact that you cannot escape anywhere throughout American history.

Technology and modern communications have fueled the demand for more money, and you're not going to stop it. No one is going to win the White House without a coast-to-coast marketing campaign costing hundreds of millions. Hmmmm.....unless.....

Since you're all willing to stifle the free speech of union menbers or corporate shareholders despite what the Supreme Court said, why not try to stifle free speech by gagging the candidates? Why not push for totally outlawing radio and TV advertising by political candidates?

After all - if they can do it to cigarette manufacturers....


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