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Do the Math

"On ((((SEPTEMBER 15, 2011)))), Chief of Police Timothy Jayne was given a written reprimand, required to pay restitution for a town-owned vehicle and placed on six months probation for management actions inconsistent with the Town of Leland personnel policy and professional standard," Hollis told WWAY.

Back in late September Councilwoman Martha Currie admitted ignoring the situation would not make it go away.

"Maybe at first, I kind of thought, 'This is just rumors, and it's gonna go away,' but it hasn't gone away, so it's time we do something," Currie said on (((((SEPTEMBER 30TH 2011))))).

Unlike other members of council, Currie tried to get answers for the public, but was repeatedly outnumbered when it came time to vote.

If your going to lie to the public? Get your dates right. Balboa was put on probation on the 15th? yet Martha knew nothing about it on the 30th? Either did Ms "Boozemen" or anyone else? This has got to be by far the worst cover up in the history of politics!!!! COME ON!!!! Liar Liar pants on fire!!! Yall Stink at lying!!! If you want answer's and don't want to be lied to? Ask Ms. Currie. Say's who? Say's the lie catching Kblue!


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