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Im just wondering

Its all history folks give it up, the cheese got eaten, the mouse stole the trap, and the Rat ran back to his whole in Wilmington.

While yaw were looking for answers Tim Jayne and Bill Farris were 4 steps ahead. Bozeman is left with the mess, because she trust in people to much. she expects everyone to be above board and honest and they used that to thier==== (thier favor).

Remember these comments, "Im not sure anyone was shot","witch Hunt", "personnel matter", does wway believe for a minute that Farris was going to say in front of the council that he knew she was shot. HMMMM what do you think he was saying behind doors.

But here is a thought if Jayne paid one nickel of restitution he is a thief, by his own admission> So why is he still employed and why has he not been charged by Mr. David

Bottom line "its over"!!, David is not going to charge him, Farris is retired, Ms Cox is fired, and Jayne is still strutten his stuff.

I say give him a raise call it a good job, Oh by the way Please explain the difference between Cox taking a trip on a towns dime too california, and Tim jayne taking a trip on Lelands dime too Myrtle Beach, and dont tell me distance cause the use of funds is the use of funds.... Oh and I dont remember Cox punching a subordinate while she was doing it.

Will someone please, ask Jayne the last question at a board meeting. Maybe WWAY?


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