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Tim Jayne on probation, pays

Tim Jayne on probation, pays less than $100.00, it’s just laughable at this point.

Hollis did you screw up this time, or was this another cover up by Bill Farris.
Inquiring investigators like me want to know. The Myrtle Beach gas theft was only used as an example of what the General has been continuously stealing from the taxpayers. What about the trip he drove to Miami for the Steelers game. Jayne also flew to a Steelers game and then called Rob Ernest and told him to pick him up at the airport in his duty car. Remember on page 44 of the North Brunswick Magazine bragging about seeing road trip games live. Bet the taxpayers didn’t know that sometimes that transportation expense fell on them. What about the years of the General driving his entire family in his duty vehicle to church in Wilmington. I as a Leland taxpayer, I want to know what part does this play in policing my city. How does that benefit me and the citizen’s back over the bridge in Leland? Please don’t say he might get a call and have to go. That’s just stupid, and ignorant to say. It still doesn’t repay the money owed back to the taxpayers for this wrongful use of the taxpayer’s vehicle. What about the complaints of him having his family out to eat all over Leland in his duty car. Everyone has seen this, I’ve even seen this one for myself. I’ve also seen Jayne pulling his boat with one of his kids in the Jeep. We taxpayers paid for that too. I think at the price of gas today, Tim Jayne owes the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Last but not least, what about driving Grace and Lucas to Roger Bacon Academy their private school. As a taxpayer, why have I had to pay for the gas for this man to take his kids to their private school? Explain that one to us Hollis. We don’t care that it’s been corrected now. We the taxpayers want our thousands back. You know the NC law, the one that says abuse above fifty dollars or more is a crime in NC. The same NC law that Jayne was supposed to be upholding for the taxpayers he was caught stealing taxpayer’s money from weekly for years now. Try reading this one. NC law NCGS 159-181(b). See the part where it says removal from office. I’ve read the NC law. It doesn’t say anything of only using only one example from the list of misuses to base any punishment from. Are you telling us, he’s only going to repay the example of the crime? Read the parts of the NC law where it says. Guilty of class 3 misdemeanor, Forfeits his office, shall be personally liable in a civil action for all damages suffered by the taxpayers. Also barred from holding any office or place of trust or profit under the State of North Carolina or political subdivisions…. The SBI and FBI aren’t going to be enacting this laws for you Hollis. It’s your responsibility they get it, understand it. The eyes are on you now buddy.

When are you going to sneak in John Blasingame’s multitude of issues that are not private now out to the public. What about Michael Landen are you at some point going to say he was on this imaginary probation too for shooting up Sherry Lewis.

Maybe you don’t understand, maybe you’ve been misled and lied to by what’s left of your pitiful police department. None of your problems will go away Hollis until Jayne, Kozak, Dellapia, Smith, Pierce, Blasingame, O’Connor and Hall and of course, your shooter, Michael Landen, is permanently gone from the Leland frat house Police force. It’s like this, tell your board that your taxpayers are not forgetting about this. Nothing is going away, it’s as simple as that.

There’s a long list of officers right behind Jayne. They are going to read the same fortune cookie Jayne did.

Kozak, Dellapia, Smith, Landen, Pierce, Blasingame, O’Connor, Hall

Do you not think when Jayne’s finally gone, these goofballs aren’t going to be next to shine for the public to see. Almost all of there crimes are worse than Jayne’s problems in running and controlling his Community policing commando’s. Do you really want the kids, mothers, and families to see the details of what Leland’s finest are guilty of.

Don’t be mad at me for busting your chops Hollis. Do what’s right for your country and follow its Laws. It’s your responsibility to do so. Want to keep that $90,000 a year job? Put a stop to corruption in Leland. The residents of Leland have their eyes on you.
Grow a pair.

Jayne here is the latest joke about your Community policing project.

The rest of us live in a modern age, the days of Mayberry, Community policing as seen on black and white TV’s are a thing of the past. We have real world crimes, murder, robbery, rape, theft, cyber crimes, prostitution, even child abuse. That’s what I’m concerned about. Leland’s size is light years past knowing all of your neighbors and back woods Community policing. Tim this isn’t Mayberry and you aren’t Andy. Do you want to convince us, the thousands of people that live here, that Community policing will work when hundreds of thousands of tourist from all over the planet visit our town threw the summer months. Boy that Community policing General Jaynes got going on over there in Leland it’s a proven unstoppable back woods crime fighting tool. Tim you’re the tool.

DLS 2.5


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