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"House of Worship "

You have to be kidding me.

Your "house of worship" is more like the den of thieves. All I saw today were vipers.

Where did the people from Virginia do they're farming at? The vegetable isle at Food Lion?

"The church of whats happening now" needs to lose tax exempt status, and every moocher that was trying to get something for nothing arrested.

"this church obviously believed it was doing a service to the community by allowing them to rent the space for that time period".
OH PLEEEEZZZ. I'm sure they researched the project well.

What your really saying is "Damn TV3 for having the nads to walk right into a PUBLIC CHURCH", and catch crooks in the act. If you were really honest, you'd be thanking Channel 3 for exposing deadbeat, mooching, thieves.

Where do all the ACORN stooges go when the money dries up?
CHURCH and the liquor store.

I hope the detectives view the video, and investigate every single one there. No doubt there would be a few wanted for parking tickets, child support, or other crimes that they can't resist the cheese.

Obviously, the two church going women in the interview were happy the cameras showed up to document the event. Instead of thanking TV3 for exposing the fraud, they were beside themselves that they had been caught on film for EVERYONE IN TOWN to see. They sure didn't act like they were glad someone put a stop to the fraud.

Evidently, whoever gave permission for this project was responsible to the church for what went down. Maybe we need the "SHEPARD AND THE SHEEP" to go downtown and give statements to the Detective Ken Smith.

Your lame excuses cant cover that what happened was evil, a scam, and an RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF

"A church is a place of worship". Maybe they should have kept it that way, instead of trying to get their 30 pieces of silver.
IF Jesus was there he would have driven them all out and givening him an he still has a ship to sackh


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