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sorry "bud" never been on

sorry "bud" never been on any social services. And served my country so those "freeloaders" have the right to live here too.Im just tired of you cowards who say "freeloader" and other words, rather than being man enough to say what you really mean. And I quess you must be one of republican wannabes that think you finally made it " tea party" And while youre talking about people who works for aliving, I hope your job is a sure thing for life or you may become one those people nobody who works for a living likes. But we really know thats not whats it is all about. So make your 40 hrs a week while you can and if it dont workout, theres always meth and pain pills to make you feel better. You can call me what ever you like, because Im a proud BLACK MAN that dont need your approval. I want this scam exposed, but I know that everybody out there wasnt a freeloader and some of the other names you racist undercovers call them. Get the real facts, by numbers the real freeloader in this country werent standing line on 17th street! If it would have been the white farmer funds, you and half your hard working buddies would have left work. $20 for this $200 for network marketing scams, here in wilmington, who's the real fools.


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