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Why are there

8 whites and 1 black on the School Board?? How is that relevant to this topic?

Did you ever hear of statistics? Look at the population breakdown & you may find the answer. Add to that the fact that too many Blacks do not want to expend the effort to get elected. Remember the School Board is an elected position.

Where are the Black politicl leaders?

At least one former "leader" is still in Central Prison. I have seen nothing in the media indicating Mr. Wright earned an early release.

Mr. Barfield is probably up late studying travel policy and available out of state junkets which he can enjoy at the taxpayers' expense. And maybe he is secretly negotiating to being that ballpark to the area. Comp him with tickets and free hot dogs; it might arrive with his support.

Another is defending himself over professional misdeeds, not related to his former political position, when he failed to properly inspect a HUD project and faces a significant lawsuit.

There's three of your leaders. Maybe you can add some more.

But why is it, when you folks fail to come up with any defense for African American actions, you pull out the race card?

Is it to incite racial tensions? Or is it to detract attention from the real issues.


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