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"Why are our people so dumb?" - They're not dumb...they're greedy. Big difference.

I've lived here all my life, as did my father before me, and his father before him. They worked hard for everything they got, just as I have, and just as my children will. No one gave us anything. We never lived off of anyone else's dime. We never accepted free handouts. Yet we had everything we needed.

When a man (or woman) works and honors God with their labor, God blesses them. He opens doors for them that would normally be closed. Instead of moaning and groaning about how unfair life is, work on changing your attitude and honoring God. The rest will fall in line.

I find it ironic that you're upset about "racist" Wilmington and you're calling others racist, when your very post sprews racism to overflowing. You have a bitter and sour attitude about life and about other people. But then, it's always easier to cast stones at someone else than to look in the mirror, isn't it?


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