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"Elvis has left the building"

All this bickering going on...and the main thing is..."Elvis has left the building".
I suspect these spammers are miles away by now thanks to quick responses by the authorities..."NOT"!
I think the 2 ladies names in question collecting the notary funds were:
1. Mrs. Cleep Hogroy
2. Mrs. Flark Flapazoid
Don't worry...the authorities have their names and it shouldn't be too hard to track them down....HA!!!!
Sarcastic you say? prove a point of ignorance of all concerned.
As these 2 sail off into the sunset with everyone's name and bank shall be considered a..."Hard Day's Work" and nearly caught...but escaped safely because no one had the police there. BINGO!
Regardless of color/religion/etc., there are too many people falling prey these days to these types of situations...whether it be by email or any other method. IMO...this being held in a church was/is a smoke screen to make people believe "All is well" in their place of faith...but there is no faith now. All is well now...for the crooks.
No need to defend people taken for a ride because this took place in a church...a parking lot...or any where else for that matter. The fact remains that people let themselves fall prey to situations such as this when something is labeled "FREE Money"...even though the $20 fee was part of the deal.
The only ones "Free Money" applied to, were the 2 ladies in the video dodging the reporter. I think the applicants know this now.
But are all the facts in on this case? "Probably Not"...after all...this is the news isn't it?
By the way...whom started the notice these people were having this application event...the church officers...or Joey on the street????


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