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No pure candidate

I am not looking for a priest,a pastor or a rabbi but a man who is the polar opposite of the Socialist.All men are flawed therefore in the world of politics it is a matter of ideologies.We have to decide which ideolgy we wish to align ourselves with.The 2012 election will showcase America's mentality after seeing the implementation of the Saul Alinsky plan under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama. The mainstream media is devastated by this outcome because they are used to controlling the message and indoctrinating the masses.Newt punched the mainstream media in the mouth Thursday night.A UCLA study this week showed that 80% of the msm are Democrats therefore you can assume Republicans can not be given a fair shake in their portrayal.Presently, our nation's media is no different than Russia( especially during the USSR days ) , North Korea and China.They do not report the news but manipulate the information to promote their personal beliefs. Expect these folks to really go on the attack of Gingrich.They are promoting a Romney-Obama matchup because they know it is advantage Obama. All the candidates have personal flaws, including the Annointed One.I want a fighter who will carry a big stick.Romney( Obama Lite ) will not be able to effectively attack Obama on the healthcare issue because Romney laid out the blueprint for this Administration.A moderate vs. a Saul Alinsky radical will not bring appreciable improvement to the nation.Newt Gringich's vision and ideology are more in line with American values instead of the present European model, which has failed miserably.The Dumbocrats will need a new campaign slogan for 2012 because Americans are feeling HOPEless with just CHANGE in their pockets.


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