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My daddy used to say

Better to keep your mouth shut and make people wonder then to openyour mouth and prove them right. Jeez Brian really??? If Ben McCoy had his hand any further up your backside you'd be a muppet and the sad truth is I voted for this idiot when I was still living in NHC prior to moving across the river. Ben please do us all a favor and put your lapdog down before he destroys any chance the NHC GOP has of keeping that seat in 2014. because at this rate any good he could do is gone. He's gone rogue to the point they've cut his power from him and neutered him and basically its his own fault now. Its one thing if he wouldve fought the good fight and done it sanely but Bergers so far out in left field now he's about to go over the fence of the new ballpark the City of Wilmington is going to build with or without NHCs input and help. Ben, please next time you decide to secretly back a candidate and support him make sure the guy can pass the mental exam to avoid being involuntarily committed because right now how Berger hasnt had a PIC written out on him and sent to the Oaks or Cherry Hospital is beyond me


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