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Wet Mice

Every time this guy (Berger) shows up in the news, I have the cartoon rooster Foghorn Leghorn voice in my head saying, "I say, I say that boy is about as sharp as a sack fulla wet mice!"

So, people SPECIFICALLY donated money for the purpose of GIVING the money to CFPUA to address this problem, and HE votes against it?

He says the County should be working to keep the rates down? From the position of County Commissioner, good luck with that. Those attempts are futile...the two county commissioners who sit on the CFPUA Board (you used to be one) can work with the other NINE, but beyond that, you are tilting at windmills sitting strictly from the position of County Commissioner.

Thankfully, the other four commissioners voting to approve the transfer of money DONATED for this intended purpose prevailed.

And now, you forgot your own voting record? "I say I say, that boy is about a sharp as a bowling ball."

What did you want to do with the money, Brian? Make a few mortgage payments?


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