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Ah Frank. You're becoming

Ah Frank. You're becoming predictable in your posting. The more I read the more I realize you're no better than a two year old throwing a tantrum. ANY intelligent adult could very well see you're stuck on your same blah blah. You've even gotten desperate enough to start posting in a racist manner in your blogs. (Good driver/corrupt driver ring any bells)? I've asked UNCW if these are they type of people they are allowing to pick up and film our students. I forwarded them your oh so colorful blog to look at for themselves, making sure to let them know about your "links".
Stop acting like a baby and use your energies to get what you want in a more professional productive manner. Try acting like a business man for once. Your petty name calling and your need to make this a larger than life happening only show your desperation to "be somebody". Is this what professionals do? This is how your "god" wants you to act?
(And I hate to break it to you...but..."crime infested" does NOT describe downtown Wilmington AND why do you want to put the responsibility of anyone choosing to drive drunk on yourself or any other driver?)
I'll put it simply...more people would probably take you seriously if you didn't sound like a whiney (and not very intellegent) brat!
I would tell you who I am but "it's not important". (Um, if you are so sure of yourself why are you hiding?)


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