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Juvenile? Hardly, it's a SAD Truth

Your theory is kind of akin to the fire department setting fires and the police department going out to commit crimes to justify themselves and increase taxes.

Your theory is juvenile.

Police/fire/rescue/EMT, have ALL have been "Caught" numerious, (I think I can reference a story not long ago, of this happening here in Brunswick County?), times,though-out our great Country, as of Late, even here now in our State, Our state is in a real bad state of economic hardship, Shrinking Tax bases, or FORCED Annexation that has gone, lets say, South,,,,,, SOME, (Not all),(Department(s), resort to this kinda thing, (tactic), as a "Justification" to keep the TAX Dollar(s) flowing their way....No matter how putrid, to keep thier job(s).
In ONE County, if you don't pay a 75.00 yearly *Protection fee*, (kinds sounds like the Mafia huh?), the fire dept lets your home burn to the ground....
google it, it's true and appeared in the MSN news..


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