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I fully understand your ridiculous rate structure

Get rid of the "Mister Jones subsidizing Mister Smith" mentality. Your cost projections regarding who pays more are still based on your tiers. Let people purchase water by the actual gallon consumed and then people will have to pay for only what they use. There will be an incentive to conserve. Many single people use very little water because they're at work all day.

Your whole rate structure is nutty. Suppose a customer doesn't need one thousand gallons a month? Why can't they pay for only six-hundred if that's what they used?

By the same token, why should a customer with a large pool have to pay more per thousand gallon increment than any other customer? We have to put up with the "soak the rich" mentality even in water rates?

Charge people based upon what they use, not a package of what YOU think they need, and get out of the wealth redistribution business. Flat rate, per gallon pricing: The ultimate in fairness.


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