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Apples and Oranges

You've basically compared apples and oranges, and you've assumed that the person that you're talking to 1) eats meat, 2) wastes energy, 3) Drives water (?), and 4) drives an inefficient car.

Even if this person does all of these things, he or she still has the right to be opposed to this plant and Bob Odom's feeble attempts to disregard a ligament study, based on his company's OWN WORDS. That's a fact.

If they don't plan on operating at full capacity, then why ask to? There are plenty of inconsistencies with what Odom suggests and what is actually happening. One of many is his claim that they will be highly regulated and they will operate accordingly. However, all the while his company pours millions in lobbying against EPA regulations.

It is unproductive to attack Odom as a being a horrible human-being, we don't really know that---personally, I don't much care. I care more about what this plant (that can still be stopped) will do to this community and the only reason, THE ONLY REASON, I've heard from "pro-Titan" people is jobs (maybe 160) who knows how many really because Titan can't say what they are or who they will go to. That lack of transparency is enough for me to say "no."

So if you're going to argue for Titan, there needs to be something other than attacking those opposed to Titan. There need to FACTS backing Titan's claims, and those facts need to outweigh the negative facts stacked against them.


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