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Master of Lacie, don't go overboard, you should consider...

...and well understand that the NCSU Vet school is a wonderful institution and never intended to hurt that dog. Even Duke University Medical Center amputated the wrong foot of a fellow (plus other FUBARs you don't even know about), then we'll go to other prominent hospitals that treat human beings. We all know what the insertion of feeding tubes usually insinuates with humans, much less dogs...they're on their last leg and this is the final method getting nutrition to them, they simply cannot eat on their own. A risky exercise in futility that usually gains little time.

I'm sorry for your pet and your anguish, but sometimes things go wrong and Lacie has had a lot of care. I understand your plight...just be fair about the whole thing, get yourself a new best friend, move forward and keep Lacie in your thoughts. It was your choice to spend $28k on a $0.4k dog and I'm quite sure they informed you of the risks/potential results. Are you REALLY surprised as you state?

The NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine does great things for animals. I for one, being a very grateful owner of a dear patient of theirs, such as you, would like to see that continue. Your "emotional lawsuit" will only inhibit that.


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