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Yeah, that's a REAL humane thing to do!

The majority of people live for only days after feeding tube insertion. I'll bet that was a really nice sight to watch you mother lie there, totally immobile with a feeding tube down her throat...for YEARS. Best times? Why was that? Did it give you an opportunity to make up for the way you treated her growing up? YOU tell ME who is the human and who is the animal? Ever heard of a DNR to eliminate pain and suffering for someone you REALLY love? You say you were grateful for "...every extra second..." it gave you with her? Well, what about HER seconds, minutes an hours she lied there all by herself, in the middle of the night...alone, without even the simple ability to talk? And you think THAT to be humane? The world is full of opinions, and you certainly have yours...

The fact is, after $28,000.00 of cancer treatment, that poor animal could not even eat and was likely close to dying as it was. Sometimes the effort, albeit gallant to save them, results in an extension of pain, discomfort and even cruelty to the patient. Mistakes, misdiagnoses, flubbed surgeries and incompetent doctors occur every day on human beings and I assure you, you haven't a clue to the frequency and the behind the curtain cover up to avoid responsibility. Don't forget, I'm talking about HUMANS here not animals! Practicing medicine is not perfect, or are the people that do it, hence the term "practice".

The NCSU vet school clearly admitted their negligence and agreed to buy them a new dog, that's all they are responsible for. I'm not here to debate with you regarding the sensitive topics of "quality of life" or "pain and immobility vs. gaining a few extra heartbeats". Laci's owners chose to pay out $28,000.00 of cancer treatment on a $300.00 dog. No matter the outcome of that very risky treatment, it's still a $300.00 dog. And I consider that effort to be emotional as well. Either they had way too much money to spend or they simply didn't have the common sense to know when to throw in the towel. Either way, it was THEIR decision and THEIR risk! The vast maority of people, including myself as an avid animal lover, would exhibit the common sense method and simply deal with our emotions on an adult level. Now, I'm going to watch Laci's owners payout another several thousand dollars to an overzealous and "comforting" attorney, waste the courts time and walk away with their $350.00 prize. Won't you join me?


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