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You do realize that NC is #49 out of 50 in what we spend per child on education. How can we possibly have a top notch educational system when we're #49?

If you ran a business, and there were 50 companies in your industry. Your company was #49 in what it spent on research & development, capital improvments and infrastructure, and employee salaries. Would you really expect to be a leader in your industry. NO you would not. Why is it that you expect to be able to be 1 spot out of dead last in spending, and then BITCH about how bad of a job the schools are doing. Give me a break.

Several years ago, an elementary school in NHC was dead last and failing almost every category in "No Child Left Behind". Because they were failing, they qualified for a federal grant of $40,000. With this, they used half to hire 2 after school (and Saturdays) reading tutors and used the other half to pay for busing the kids home after school and on Saturdays. In 1 year, the school went from dead last to #3 in NHC and passing in eEVERY category of NCLB. WOW - with a measly $40K - they turned the entire school around.

Guess what happened to the grant money now that they had improved - you guessed it - NO MORE MONEY for the very program that brought the school to the top in the first place.


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