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Unless you work in a school

Unless you work in a school with kids, then keep your mouth shut. Working in a school here in NHC, I am constantly on the defense. I have kids that will attack at a moments notice. Last week I had 2 chairs, a book, and a trashcan threw at me. All my one student. Yes, I had to physically detain her. I then was able to get some support from faculty and they were able to take her downstairs-probably to the seclusion room. It wasn't to "take away her civil rights." It was to keep her safe. And the other teachers and students there at the school. Kids aren't just put in there and left all day. They are only left in there for a very short amount of time. There are also watched while in there. These rooms were not put here so that we don't have to work with your children, special needs or not, they are for safety. If your child is so special needs that you feel they are being treated unfairly, then put them at a school for special needs kids. Let them get all the attention that they need and deserve. I wish all children could get the attention they need and deserve at school, but the truth is, I'm just one person, and 8 hours a day isn't enough time to do that for 20 kids.

I also think that people lately have become very sue happy, especially when it comes to schools. If you don't like the way it's being done, then you do it. Homeschool. Then you will see that its not all "abc's and 123's." There's a lot more to it, and unfortunately, your kid isn't the only one that we have to worry about. Trust me, you will be running back to your local school to re-enroll them.


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