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Hoggard High School - Let's talk of your abuse of autistic child

I have a relative with highly functional Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome at Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC.

Before I begin… Kevin, we love you buddy and are SO very proud of you!

We hurt for the abuse you have had to endure at Hoggard High School.

Never in a million years, would your parents or family have this torment and torture happen to you and your parents have done everything they can to stop it, but no one will listen to these schools "dirty little secret".

North Carolina State LAW - NCGS §115C-391.1 specifically defines when and how a student may be confined. (The Art Teacher not wanting Kevin in her class because an Autistic child bight disrupt her by asking a question not pertaining to art does not qualify legally as such)
This Generat Statute may be found at

The NHC Policy 84562 specifies that this law specifically Must be followed. It has NOT been. Furthermore, I question its constitutional rights for having lack of specific definition as to that qualifies a student to be placed in seclusion if he/she is not physically damaging something or someone. Obviously as an educator you missed the Nova special on PBS where talked about the basics of Autism.. Oh wait… you were taught that prior to receiving your teacher’s certification.
The question is.. What are you supposed to do when you go to the principal, essentially the EVP of a school and ask for help and are denied help that violates the basic constitutional rights afforded to a human being.. Worse, to a very, very special, caring, loving and fragile human being….

When a teacher 9such as art class) wants to teach art and not deal with a special needs student, they send him to the special padded room.
The Art teacher at Hoggard sent my nephew to a padded seclusion room, because “her class was full” and “she did not have a seat for him in her class” (albeit he was SUPPOSED to be in her class. What a heartless, soulless person to do this to a child. The art teacher shouldn’t even have the privilege to call herself a teacher and should refer to herself as a heartless punisher and tormenter. SHAME!
When a class is taking a test and the teacher wants him out of the room, they send him to the padded room...
And, during this time he is not misbehaving, having outbursts, etc... They just do NOT want to deal with a special needs child and the Hoggard teachers who do not want to deal with him, send him to a the padded room.
He has been sent so many times, that now he walks himself into the room when told to go, or when "accidently" shut out of his class, closes the door and sits there.
He has been in there as little as ten minutes and as long as a few hours.
He has been in there alone, deprived of his constitutional right to a public education, secluded from his peers and is now tormented with nightmares fearing school, fearing the teachers who do not teach, feeling shamed, unloved and unwanted.

The parents have gone to Hoggard High School several times, again and again…. and NOTHING is accomplished…. Nothing is done.. Our nephew returns to his cell of solitude. It is chalked up as "normal", procedural, and common.. Standard Operational Procedure.

He is smart, loving, wonderful young man who did not choose nor elect to have this disability.
He does not act out, is eager to learn, make friends and love others yet Hoggard High School continues to DENY his the basic human rights afforded to its "normal" students.

The principal brushes off the parents, does not return their calls unless bugged to the point is becomes bothersome or further action is threatened.

Caged animals are treated better than he is, and he is being treated in this inhumane manner in an intuition designed to teach him basic educational skills NOT shame him and destroy progress made by those who DO care.

Haggard I publically challenge you to either STOP placing him in a padded room day after day and leaving him to sit in solitude where his mental and psychological condition continues to be degraded by your actions and reputable and permanent mental damage and anguish scars him deeper for life OR I challenge you to place him in an educational setting that is caring and empathetic with trained teachers, with teachers who DO educate and teachers who DO care and want to teach him and see he learns to live up to his potential.
To the Reiders’; you are our heroes. Thank you for shedding light on this issue. Hopefully other special and autistic children will not continue to have to suffer as our families precious children and relatives have had to. Kevin is forever scarred by Hoggard's actions and the principal's refusal to step up to the plate, to be a decent human being, intervene, do what's right, and make sure this special, special boy gets what his rights guarantee him. A public education without fear of harm, retaliation, or retribution.
I pray your child gets the justice all these special people deserve.
I have elected to stay out of this until now.
Now the parents rights handbook that looks to have been hidden out of the main list of policies and procedures can be hound here: EVERY parent should read it.
PS.. Don’t try to falsify your documentation. You do not know which days he has been to school with his Flip Video and which days he hasn’t.
Furthermore because of Kevin’s LD, you are required to notify the parents when Kevin has been sent to seclusion. You have not notified them on every occasion.
Have you provided the parents with a copy of the parental rights?
You have daughters at your school whom I am CERTAIN you would NEVER have sit in that dreadful padded cell imprisoned.
Do you condone ALL corporal punishment or just the injustice at Hoggard High School? I mean.. You already have teachers physically push students with a broom down the hall in an act you call “Being Swept” if they are not in their class, so we already know that you are perfectly ok with public humiliation
I cannot believe you OR your art teacher think you can call yourselves educators.. Actions like yours however would have made for wonderful torturers executioners back in medieval times.
The law was enacted to protect students from themselves@ NOT put them away when YOU didn’t want to deal with them!

Will this complaint be allowed to be “hidden” as school policy for our county states it can? (be held close to origin)

Did you break policy 8020
Furthermore, no student, on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, national origin or disability, is to be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity conducted by the school system, except as allowed by law.
7140 your policy on special needs children is vage, limited and pathetic.
Have you protected the student’s rights?

Did you kick hiimn oput of art room for Disruption of the Learning Environment under policy 8410? (That would nullify other policies protecting his rights if you did)

Oh… and your policy $6440 requires that we as volunteers (also loosely` defined as we volunteer our time to help your pupils in our homes) are required to report your abuse, by law…
Parents if your child is special needs, please follow the other parents in contacting the the following. Help is free!
United States Government Office for Civil Rights (OCR) 1-800-421-3481 by email at

The National Autism Society
4340 East-West Hwy, Suite 350
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
1(800) 328-8476

GRASP (Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership)
666 Broadway, suite 825
New York, NY 10012
1.888.474.7277 (888.47.GRASP)

State of North Carolina ACLU Chapter (American Civil Liberties Union)
Executive Director: Jennifer Rudinger
P.O. Box 28004
Raleigh, NC 27611
Phone: (919) 834-3390 | Email:


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