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I'd like the posters who

I'd like the posters who think this is okay, what makes the rights of a special needs child different from that of one without these needs?
You can't lay your hands on a 'normal' child, so what makes it okay to do it to one with autism? These kids are placed in a school designated to deal with their needs and this is the best they can come up with???

It is a dirty secret indeed how ill equipped they are in dealing with the children placed in their care. The principal at our child's school(which is the one designated for children with needs in our area) is COMPLETELY clueless in dealing with autism. She'd rather create an environment that caters to her community pool buddies who all manage to conveniently get picked to enroll in the year round school. Autism awareness does not EXIST there. These kids are sent to these specific schools to be mainstreamed, NOT manhandled.


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