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you say...

This kid is highly functional ? If that is the case why cant he take the same tests as the other students? WHY doesn't that part piss you off? You want everything equal right? You say he is sent to the room when a test is given? Is that because he cant pass the test or he cant sit quietly and not disturb the others?

You said he is a "fragile human being". Ok, then why would you want him in public schools? You cant have this both ways. If you insist on putting "special" kids with the un~special kids why do the un~special majority have to bend to suite you? What would you have them do with him during the times he cant deal with the situation in class? Handcuffs maybe? Drugs? Ok how about no kid gets the test cause "special kid" cant take it. Or the whole art class is dismissed cause there is no seat for "special kid".

Why don't you go sit with him all day so you can handle it? How is that the teachers job? Teachers have a LOT of students to handle and adding "special" kids to the mix is unfair to everyone else.

I did a lot of volunteering in schools, I have seen these kids in action.


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