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Breath and step back...

1st - children with special needs are not "misbehaving" most have underlying medical issues that create in part sensory issues.

More important - what happened to compassion and accountability?

How can an educator inflict bodily harm yet go unpunished? This is a real issue which cost over 200 kids their lives at the hands of educators. And yes this is a civil rights issue which I signed the petition and stand by.


The public school system can be a nightmare, and I speak from personal experience. You have uneducated staff, ignorant administrators who are only interested in funding and public image.

Unfortunately all the negative energy these people inflict take focus away from the efforts of the great special education teachers who know how to stay grounded and calm to help the kids through their sensory meltdowns...they stand back and give them calming space to regroup while also getting into their world. They see the child beyond the behaviors and know how to engage the child to allow them to have more successful days than not. Isn't that after-all the reason they became special ed teachers? Come on...I doubt it is for the pay!

After reading some of these comments, I am saddened by the lack of understanding and general compassion. Our society seems to be very quick to "pounce" and "react" which in most cases only escalates the matter.

Yes, I know there are some kids who can have violent outbursts - I came into the classroom after the teacher was punched in the face by a student - they were just sitting there reading together, all was fine and he "Snapped". the cause? reaction to a court ordered pyscho-tropic drug.

Overall environment also plays a huge key - take a look around the schools - toxic cleaning products which aren't good for anyone, florescent lighting which would drive the most sane person nuts let alone a child who can see the flickering like a strobe light and most important - the staff and parent relationships. Is the relationship toxic or is there daily and open communication? No sweeping things under the rug on one side to protect your job school reputation or just dropping and letting the school take care of things on the other.

We all have equal responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of every student, regardless of ability. And, if the school district is not doing right by every student, and the continue to refuse to ignore the parents requests, and the Unions continue to stand behind bad teachers, then they will continue to have law suits filed against them.

My question is, if the educators and administrators are so brilliant and truly do care for the safety and well being for all, then why does it take a band of parents to sue them in Federal Court to get them to take notice, accept accountability and make changes these same parents have been trying through open communication to resolve for years?


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