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get your facts straight.

The economy was and remains the biggest challenge. That challenge was heightened by the $2.6 Billion which she and Mike Easley borrowed from the Feds to keep Medicaid afloat. That program is an albatross and tar baby which is now costing the state $154 Million in annual interest payments. And in five years, the state begins repaying the principal.

And there were no limitations on Medicaid. Let the taxpayers foot the bill for the women who chose "babymaking" as their life's career and by the time they were 35, there were 10 or more following them around. And then, let the taxpayers foot the bill to raise the off spring.

Look at the fiasco in the attempts to bring the tire manufacturer to Brunswick County. Neither she or the Secretary of Commerce, while traveling in Europe on the taxpayer's dime, could stop in Germany; meet with the corporate officials and get first hand information on just how to succesfully structure an incentive deal. South Carolina's governor made such a trip; South Carolina got the project.

Should I go on?

She's done enough and should retire from public life; spend time with her Grandchildren; help her son seek another position once the high priced Raleigh law firm realizes his political influence ends in January; and travel abroad on her dime.


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