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Mr Pickey
What is your beef with Leland, did they run you out of there or something.
Did you not hear that wimpy a** Farris was the one that put Jane on probation not Hollis. Give the man a break and give him time to do his job, he is trying to fix the problems that wimpy left him. Why hasn't tv3 talked about the good things in Leland why does your station just keep the police going, yopu know they are under investigation by the SBI. Stop harrassing and give everyone the chance to do their job.
Check out the sources that keep helping you and get the whole astory not just one side. Oh and the next time you show a police officer with the scrambled face (to protect him) make sure you do a better job of srambling. My boss has de-scrambled and its some one that got fired under the old cheif and is going around telling people he sell the steroids to the cops that he says are taking them. Good sources you got there


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