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Yeah Right?????????????????

Hey Jain aren't these the same words you spewed out when you first came to Leland? The core values of your department have never been adhered too. You know the scripture "judge not lest ye be judged"? I forgot you go to church but you don't read God's word. Well when the Judge judges you don't act all surprised because everything you have dished out will be returned to you seven fold (look it up)! Jain why don't you just quit snowing the citizens of Leland and tell the truth. Why won't you meet with Scott Pickey and answer the questions? Be a real man Jain! Not just for your department but for your daughter and your son! You say that the media is hurting your family well if you hadn't started it then it wouldn't keep going! You think this will pass over. Guess again I for one will not let it pass over and neither will Fix Leland Police . Com! See you in the funny papers Jain!


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