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Hey Jane,
How can you as an unethical person teach or learn about ethics? You don't even know the meaning of the word! The quote that you will be attending classes? What???????? Attending classes in trying to be a normal person no less! You need to go back to where you came from. Oh, I forgot if you had not become the Chief in Leland Mecklenburg was going to terminate YOU! Why? When you came to Leland you had never been a Chief before correct? Did you get any schooling in how to become a good Chief and where did you get that schooling? Certainly not from NCJA! If you had none of this would have happened. You should be ashamed of what you have created and become! You are NOT a good example even to your own kids let alone anyone else within the tri-county area. As far as the "Department's reputation" what reputation? Since you have been in Leland it and you have become a laughing stock within the Law Enforcement community just ask anyone within it!
Let's see "Professional Education and Standards"? I know of no Department within this area that has ever been audited by the Commission! But Leland Police? I know of no other Department that has been under such problems! Do you even know what you are doing to begin with? (This is like shooting fish in a barrel)(or like shooting Sherry in the crotch)(captive audience)
To all of you within the administration of Leland Police Department I say your time is coming real soon! Thanks for the entertainment! Watching you squirm is quite laughable!


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