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Former Governor Hunt

knew how to take action. When the textile industries were breating their last breaths, and so many towns were on the verge of death, he took action.

Look at all of the foriegn industries which he recruited.

Look at how he mobilized the community college system to provide North Carolinians with the training they would need to fill those foriegn jobs.

He saw a need; he developed a plan; and he brought the bacon to North Carolina.

Sadly for her and North Carolina, Ms. Perdue never developed a plan other than to borrow billions to keep Medicaid afloat.

That is the legacy she and Mike Easley have to face. They saddled this state with billions in debt; and now the check is due.

Whomever is elected needs to rein in that albatross and end the entitlement lifestyle at the taxpayers' expense. And they need to work with business owners and leaders to develop an atmosphere which is conducive to economic growth.

I wonder if the Teachers Union, losing its automatic deduction of dues from teacher's paychecks had anything to do with her decision. The teachers may not be able to throw a couple of million into her campaign fund.

And all of the other big donors and fund raisers are likely staying under tha radar for fear they might get called to testify in Raleigh.


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