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Well drug addict...

There are addicts in this world today that cannot keep a job or accept any responsibility because of drugs such as marijuana. It has FRIED their brains, and obviously yours too. Then you want to make it easier for them to get drugs! Have you considered all the innocent people that are killed on the road and at home due to the violence and ignorance that has been triggered by alcohol. Well, make marijuana legal and that number will double.

Yes, the state may earn revenue from your plan, but how much will health, auto, and life insurance go up because of the increased health issues and deaths caused by drugs? How much more will taxpayers have to pay due to increased unemployment because these zombies cannot keep a job? How much more will it cost the taxpayers when the courts place them into a re-hab program due to addiction? How much more will it cost the taxpayers to housed them in jail due to crimes they have committed? How much more will it cost the taxpayers to hire special education teachers due to the fact babies are being born everyday that have learning disabilities caused by pregnant mothers using drugs?

When you close your eyes tonight, I hope you hear the head-on car crashes and the gunfire that is caused by drug addicts and alcoholics. I hope you can feel the pain of the drug addicts' family members. I hope you can see the grief of innocent families who have lost loved ones due to drugs and alcohol.

You should clear your brain and re-think this plan of yours!!!


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