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Thou speaketh from which thou apparently knoweth not

Don't use drugs and don't advocate their use but I still can't agree with your position on marijuana. I guess to you all drugs are alike. That's like saying a sports cars is like an eighteen wheel truck. Hey, they both have wheels and drive on a road, right? Ah no, that's not right. Ever hear of a junkie desparately tying to get his/her next fix of weed? Of course not. Overdosing? Virtually impossible. Re-hab for weed addiction? It doesn't have a chemical addiction component. Not keeping a job? That's a lifestyle issue. Violence? Unless your brain already has bad wiring, doesn't happen. Pregnancy issues? Less than tobacco or alcohol (shouldn't use any of them). Gunfire? Due to turf wars over illegal sales. Control the sale and eliminate the violence. Increased DUI's? The same people using now would be essentially the same people using then but then we get to collect the tax revenue from its sale. Many other drugs fit the hellish scenario you're depicting but that's those drugs, not marijuana. When it comes to marijuana use you don't know your posterior from your elbow. Kids look at dumb remarks like this and wind up thinking everything we're saying about about any drug is bull-stuff. Now that's a problem.


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