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If only the public could see what is going on in Wilmington government they might get it too. Yes, it is difficult to challenge the establishment, the good ole boys network, the professional liars. I speak first hand as a citizen currently facing multiple negligent officials in the WHA, the City of Wilmington's Code Enforcement Office, at least 2 non-profit 501 agencies, a pass the buck Mayor's office, and even a local newspaper and TV station unwilling to look in to the situation all for different reasons, but what amounts to not ruffling feathers, losing funding, and my favorite not being accused of micomanaging those under them. Until it happens to you it is easy to move through life in ignorant bliss. Until someone is willing to step up to the plate and bring it to the public's attention nothing changes. Until someone puts a face to the story, no one cares, no one wants to talk about it. I am persistent and with any luck I just might find someone willing to listen and put a face to at least my problems which might in turn bring attention to others facing the same issues and most assuredly other glaring injustices going on under our noses right here in Wilmington, NC.


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