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I completely believe you

I completely believe you too! My brother just got four to six for armed robbery, and he did not do it. He was asked for a ride to the store and someone went in and robbed the store. Funny thing is, is that the person who did it actually submitted a statement saying my brother had no knowledge of the crime and the state still did not budge. During my brother's trial, they violated 3 of his constitutional rights!! He was tried in absentia. He was involuntarily committed to a hospital during his trial, and they proceeded without him, although he was incapable of attending!!! That violates due process, which should have been protected under the fifth, sixth, and fourteenth amendments. I even spoke with a lawyer who verified this information. Also, the judge told the alternate juror to go out into the hallway during deliberation and ask questions to the prosecutor, the public defender, police officers, and then go into the room with the rest of the jurors. ILLEGAL!!! One of the prosecutors was actually taken off of the case because of suspected foul play against my brother. She is currently under investigation by North Carolina State Bar!! SO, there is so much corruption within the legal system its ridiculous


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