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I don't think people fully understand one thing about Berger

when they say he needs to resign. He can't. Berger can't quit this job for the same reasons you can't quit yours. This is likely his only source of income and health insurance. This isn't Richard Nixon, circa late 1973, early 1974, who was stubborn to the very end, but knew that he could ultimately go to California and collect a pension while making millions for speeches and writing. If he quits, how could he ever get a job now? As soon as a potential employer, here or anywhere Googles his name, he's getting a rejection letter. He's clearly not able to get himself to meetings on time and I'm sure he'd enjoy the luxury of doing nothing but he does not have that option. There is a myth that commissioners, like Congressmen, have pay and benefits for life after one term but that's not the case. I don't think this whole saga will end with him resigning and quietly moving on. You're either going to have the General Assembly step in and give the citizens the chance to recall him or he's going to be a great source of news stories for the next three years. I'm no Berger defender but people should understand that calling for his resignation is a waste of typing or breath.


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