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"Mr. Berger has had issues in court the past couple of months, and we've tried to address those equally the way we do with anybody else,"
Equally??!! excuse me!!??? Since when does an FTA on a farcical "domestic battery" that was little more than an argument with one's girlfriend warrant an immediate execution of bench warrant? If the county executed those "equally" the jails would be overflowing with those kinds of trivial persecutions.

Does Burger obtain this kind of "special" treatment explicitly because he is a county commissioner who doesn't tow the party line? This does NOT look good to those of the general public who are not happy with this current administration. This is really starting to LOOK like a good 'ol boys network who are used to getting what they want and are even dropping all pretenses about keeping it under wraps. Any fool can see that now...

There are those out there watching this with a very jaundiced eye, commissioners. Very jaundiced indeed....


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