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Berger-Fried Tsunami

A Mental evaluation for this troubled individual should have been ordered long ago. the type of raging narcissistic behavior painfully evident here is ingrained into a persons DNA; mistakes and legal/financial troubles are usually covered up with excuses, money or both.

I met this character many years ago and my opinion hasn't changed much: a spoiled man-child who was over-indulged by wealthy egotistical parents who's lot in life was obsessively making money and excuses for this jerk. I immediately thought he was a "know it all" who hasn't worked a day in his life...and has his sights on the CEO position when he was barely qualified for the mail-room.

Oh, he can string a sentence together...but most pathological charlatans can. Mix in a little schizoid "word salad" and a UN-healthy dose of paranoia, alcohol, rage, parental indulgence, and narcissism...and you've got a walking talking screwball with one thing on his mind: trying to prove how much he knows while dispelling his critics...creating false firestorms, lies and hacks about his real or imagined enemies.

The board should have taken action against this menace long ago...but they probably won't because they don't have an individual or a collective spine to take a stand. I wonder what actual work is being performed by the board,(if at all). Can't help but wonder why the entire board hasn't been audited for their performance, and for wasting taxpayer dollars in this dime-store charade.

I suggest you put on the old 33 1/3 of "Riders on the Storm" and listen closely. It may be a for bearer of things to come.

Jonny Blaznolis


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